About Us

About Broadband Voice

Broadband Voice LLC is a leading provider of unified business communications solutions enabled by VoIP technology.  Established in January 2006, Broadband Voice is a communications and media distribution company headquartered in Clinton, Mississippi.

The company has been created to distribute quality Internet Protocol telephony (VoIP) products to small and medium size businesses.  The core service is a hosted product, which eliminate the need to expensive phone equipment to be deployed at the customer premises.  Broadband data services, voice mail, and long distance are also distributed by Braodband Voice as complimentary products.What Differentiates Broadband Voice from the Competition?

  • Relationship with the Customer
  • Incumbents under serve Small and Medium Businesses
  • Direct sales result in bringing a personal relationship back to customer service.
  • Flexibility Regarding Internet Provider
  • Many competitors require T1s
  • We use the most appropriate connection
  • Redundancy is available with automatic fail over
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Competitors mass market packages
  • Consultative sales design feature sets and pricing to meet our customers needs.